Planting the Seeds of Greatness: A lifelong habit of growth

Planting the seeds

Did you know that February is “Plant the Seeds of Greatness” month? You may not have heard about it before, but essentially, it promotes the idea of taking proactive steps today to build even better things in your life for tomorrow. We think it’s a wonderful idea and a great area to focus on during February and throughout the entire year.

Much like seeds in the garden, benefits of these actions could appear in the near-term or eventually emerge over the coming months or years. These actions could focus on any part of your life, whether personally, professionally, or financially, or they could help someone else in your life.

Mentorship That Makes an Impact


When we look back on our lives, most of us can identify people who, at some point or another, stood up for us, encouraged us, held us accountable, gave us honest feedback, challenged us, and drove us to become better. These mentors saw something in us that maybe we couldn’t see in ourselves.

What is it about great mentorship that changes lives and promotes growth?  

Whether you’re seeking a great mentor or hoping to mentor someone else, there are several criteria we can look for or build within ourselves to ensure a successful mentorship. I tapped into my leadership network to gain insight and validate what we believe to be the primary characteristics in identifying great mentors.

8 Transformational Leadership Trends Required in 2021

Diversity and inclusion in leadership roles.

The year 2020 gave us numerous challenges and a host of learning opportunities along with it if you were paying attention. With pain often comes growth and a framework for moving forward, ready to tackle the next round of difficulties.

February is Plant the Seeds of Greatness month and we believe there is much to be learned from past experiences, whether good or bad.

Top Tips for Better Video Webinars

Look your best on webinars

These days, everyone is finding themselves on video calls, often for much of the day. While we may feel comfortable in a more casual setting with colleagues, there are times where we must be more polished and professional. One of those moments is when we are hosting or participating in webinars, especially ones that get recorded.

While there is nothing wrong with a casual environment, you want to be sure to mirror the tone and intent of the webinar. And usually, that means being more professional, looking more professional, and optimizing the technical aspects of the call.

How to Effectively Recharge During the Holidays

It’s been a tough year of far too many things disrupting the normalcy we once took for granted. COVID-19 came with a rampage, and social injustices soared throughout the year. The election battle took over the news while remote learning and working from home challenged our daily routines. Things like sports programs and extracurriculars have dropped. Worse yet, people lost jobs, families disrupted, and bills are now stacking up. Businesses have closed, while the rent is long overdue. Lives were lost, and sadly, the death toll continues to rise.

How Grateful Leadership Catapults Organizational Performance

The year has been complicated and stressful for most of us. The global pandemic, social injustice, political division, and all the economic impacts have knocked us to our knees. With the holidays fast approaching, it’s hard to wrap our brains around expressing gratitude when we are so burnt out and exhausted.

7 Benefits of Cross-Training Employees

Benefits of Cross-Training Employees

In the sports world, cross-training is essential in developing a well-rounded and physically healthy athlete. Cross-training is using several modes of exercise to develop an athlete and sometimes pairing different workouts together to support each other. For example, yoga is an excellent pairing for almost any type of athlete, as yoga cross-training promotes stretching, strength, and relaxation.  

A Story of Courage: Facing Adversity and Leading with Grace

Every day we are faced with obstacles, challenges, and situations that force us to reframe our goals, daily tasks, and our dreams. We have to make tough choices when these events take place. We are continually adjusting, recreating, reprogramming, and rewriting our stories.

This guest blog post, written by Debbie Hugg, is a story of resilience, courage, and an unwavering desire to make a difference.

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