Want to Maximize Organizational Potential? Look to Fit and Purpose over Performance

In the fast-paced world of corporate management, it’s easy to get caught up in the metrics of performance and productivity. While these are undoubtedly crucial for the success of any organization, there’s another dimension that is equally—if not more—important: the fit and purpose that employees find in their roles. Korn Ferry, an organizational consulting firm… Read more »


Balance or Blend? How to Create a True Work-Life Powerful Relationship

Woman wearing headphones and sun glasses outside on the rocks working on her laptop in a work life balance

Balancing or blending? How do you create a work-life relationship? Holidays may not be the best time to check in with work-life balance, but then again, maybe they are the perfect time. Holidays stretch our balancing act more than most other times during the year. Gifting, gathering, hosting, wrapping, snacking, baking, cooking, shopping, traveling, and… Read more »


Increase Productivity, Inclusivity, and Bottom Lines By Hiring Disabled Employees

Diverse group of employees at a meeting led by a disabled man in a wheelchair

With job openings up, recruiting and hiring qualified individuals with the “right fit” has become more challenging.  If you’re looking for solutions to your hiring needs, consider the great value disabled employees bring.  According to the August 30, 2022, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 11.2 million job openings nationwide.  This number is up… Read more »


The Value of Investing in Great Assistants

I can’t help but refer to Barb Smith, founder at Courtside Leadership and Find My Team, endearingly as Coach Smith. When she contacted me about contributing a blog discussing the value of investing in great assistants, I considered my own career trajectory from beginning as a marketing assistant to my current role. After reading and… Read more »


10 Tips to Ready Yourself for Reentry

Anxiety and Mental Health

For months we’ve all been talking about returning to normal. We can’t wait to resume our lives and get back to the freedoms and social interactions we took for granted once before. Yet along with the isolation and upheaval of the past year came new things many aren’t quite ready to let go of or… Read more »


Returning to the Workplace: Instituting Positive Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental health has long been a growing challenge here in the U.S., particularly in the workplace. And with the events over the past year, there has been a marked increase in the emotional and mental demands many of us face at home and work. While not everyone is deep in a state of depression, there… Read more »


Discovering Purpose for the Team, Organization, and Beyond

Team Purpose

It was my senior year in college, and I was at basketball practice. While I was playing defense in a drill, my college coach at the time, the late Nancy Darsch, was coaching me to apply more ball pressure to the player with the ball. So, I started yelling “ball, ball, ball” as I defended… Read more »


Planting the Seeds of Greatness: A lifelong habit of growth

Planting the seeds

Did you know that February is “Plant the Seeds of Greatness” month? You may not have heard about it before, but essentially, it promotes the idea of taking proactive steps today to build even better things in your life for tomorrow. We think it’s a wonderful idea and a great area to focus on during… Read more »


Top Tips for Better Video Webinars

Look your best on webinars

These days, everyone is finding themselves on video calls, often for much of the day. While we may feel comfortable in a more casual setting with colleagues, there are times where we must be more polished and professional. One of those moments is when we are hosting or participating in webinars, especially ones that get… Read more »

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