About Barb Smith

Going beyond the talent to inspire peak performance.

Barb Smith, a former college student athlete, 30-year college coach, motivational speaker, author, visionary entrepreneur and dynamic force in the business world, is the proud owner of not one, but two groundbreaking companies that are reshaping the landscape of success and achievement. Barb is an advocate for all levels of leadership and teamwork. 

As the founder of Courtside Leadership, Barb has dedicated herself to inspiring peak performance within organizations and on teams. Her innovative strategies and unparalleled leadership have propelled teams and businesses to new heights, transforming challenges into opportunities and fostering a culture of excellence. With a keen understanding of human potential and a passion for unlocking it, Barb is the driving force behind Courtside Leadership’s reputation for driving results and cultivating success.

What we learn from participating in teams has a direct relationship to how we will engage in life outside of sports.

Barb Smith

In addition to her trailblazing work in the corporate arena, Barb is the heart and soul behind Find My Team, a unique venture aimed at guiding high school student-athletes through the intricate college recruiting process. Recognizing the power of sports in shaping young lives, Barb brings her wisdom and expertise to empower aspiring athletes to seamlessly transition to the collegiate level. Her commitment to their holistic development extends beyond the field, track, court, slope, rink, or course, ensuring that each student-athlete not only excels in their sport but also thrives academically and personally.

Barb Smith’s dual ventures stand as a testament to her visionary leadership, unwavering dedication, and the profound impact she continues to make in both the corporate and academic spheres. With an innate ability to inspire greatness and a genuine passion for fostering growth, Barb is a true luminary whose influence reverberates far beyond the boardroom and sports world.

Barb attended The Ohio State University and earned a bachelor’s degree in health education. She then went onto earn an MBA is organizational behavior at Iona College in New York.  

Barb enjoys family, nature, birding, running, cycling, traveling, pickleball, attending any sporting event, speaking, networking, learning, and playing with her two rescued greyhounds. 

How Barb Can Inspire Your Organization


Barb is a guest speaker for teams of all ages, corporations, businesses, parent groups, leadership, and sports camps.

Participants will leave inspired!


Organizations and departments looking for guidance on core programs, Barb can help design powerful frameworks.

Organizations will achieve more effective outcomes!

Team Building

Barb is also available for team building events or for targeted groups.

Teams will emerge energized and focused!

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