A true leader genuinely guides, influences, and inspires others.


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Shared vision, clear roles, and trust encourage peak performance.


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Playing off each other's strengths builds winning teams.


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Strengthening Leadership, Inspiring Teams

With over 30 years of building and leading high performing teams from the ground up, Barb Smith brings her courtside leadership skills to
businesses, academia, as well as the sports world. Courtside Leadership is a powerful approach for those ultimately looking to inspire peak performance.


Bring deeper experiences and thoughtful insights to your critical events, sparking a number of key takeaways that drive participants to action.


Integrate customized solutions that align with your most pressing goals and objectives, transforming performance in every team member.

Team Building

Engage, energize, and reconnect teams through programs that promote respect, diversity, inclusion, and collaboration.

“Leaders instill in their people a hope for success and a belief in themselves. Positive leaders empower people to accomplish their goals.

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Explore a wealth of research and ideas straight from the court.

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Profile of a Winning Team

After extensive research of hundreds of teams in practice and in action, we’ve discovered that successful teams are comprised of six key character types, which, as a result, make them consistently high functioning. Learn more about the core players necessary to build a winning team that will outperform your competitors.

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Speaking, consulting, or team building — let’s strengthen your leadership and build a winning team.

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