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We engage leaders and teams to inspire peak performance.

Embark on a transformative journey with Courtside Leadership, a powerhouse founded in 2012 by Barb Smith. As a former Division I college athlete and women’s basketball coach, Barb infuses decades of experience and cutting-edge research into our consulting, team building, and speaking services.

Dive deep into the realm of high-performance champions, as Courtside Leadership unveils six essential elements that define a winning team. Barb’s prowess in organizational behavior adds a unique dimension, elevating our approach to inspire peak performance in business organizations, academic entities, and sports teams. Unleash the winning edge—partner with Courtside Leadership and revolutionize your path to success!

Empathetic leadership does not demand permission; it commands the heart.

Barb Smith – Founder, Courtside Leadership

About Barb Smith

Harnessing over three decades of on-and-off-the-court wisdom, Barb emerges as the ultimate catalyst, igniting and propelling teams of every kind to triumph.

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Available on Amazon, Beyond the Talent: Profile of a Winning Team provides insights based on a year of interviewing and observing teams.


“Barb’s energy was infectious . . her quote, “If I can’t see what you see, then we will never be what we could be” will be on my office wall forever.” 

Attendee at a speaking event

“Barb’s presentation style led to great conversations . . . people in her break-out session really got to know one another.” 

Attendee at a speaking event

Our attendees thoroughly enjoyed Barb’s presentation at this year’s Women in Leadership Symposium. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone seeking a speaker that knows how to elevate the role and voice of women leaders in the professional workforce and beyond.”

Bridey Bellemere (New Hampshire Association of School Principals)

“I see joy, passion, drive, and compassion. Her energy is magnetic and she is a true embodiment of a leader.” 

Emily White (Life coach and attendee at a speaking event)

“Wise, encouraging, passionate leader!” 

Heidi Esther (Joy Coach and attendee at a speaking event)

“This was very helpful. I wanted more time with you!”

Attendee at a speaking event

“Look no further for an inspirational speaker, a leader who will amplify your business success!.” 

Susan Summons – CEO Susan Summons Speaks (motivational speaker)

“I’m an international coach. You did a great job!” 

Attendee at a speaking event
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