Balance or Blend? How to Create a True Work-Life Powerful Relationship

Woman wearing headphones and sun glasses outside on the rocks working on her laptop in a work life balance

Balancing or blending? How do you create a work-life relationship? Holidays may not be the best time to check in with work-life balance, but then again, maybe they are the perfect time. Holidays stretch our balancing act more than most other times during the year. Gifting, gathering, hosting, wrapping, snacking, baking, cooking, shopping, traveling, and… Read more »


Tips for Effective Self-Improvement

We’ve heard it all before when it comes to self-improvement. Read, try, or watch this, change jobs, start exercising, etc. We attempt to set worthwhile goals for ourselves. We take the time to establish what we wish to accomplish, then life happens, and we forget what we wanted to improve upon in the first place. We… Read more »

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