7 Benefits of Cross-Training Employees

Benefits of Cross-Training Employees

In the sports world, cross-training is essential in developing a well-rounded and physically healthy athlete. Cross-training is using several modes of exercise to develop an athlete and sometimes pairing different workouts together to support each other. For example, yoga is an excellent pairing for almost any type of athlete, as yoga cross-training promotes stretching, strength,… Read more »


Podcast: ‘Another Season in the Books’ Interviews Barb Smith

Listen to this interview with Barb Smith where she discusses her career in sports, starting at an early age, and as she shares stories of those that influenced her actions, and how a specific mindset, tactics, and themes allowed her to set and achieve a lifetime of goals.


A Story of Courage: Facing Adversity and Leading with Grace

Every day we are faced with obstacles, challenges, and situations that force us to reframe our goals, daily tasks, and our dreams. We have to make tough choices when these events take place. We are continually adjusting, recreating, reprogramming, and rewriting our stories. This guest blog post, written by Debbie Hugg, is a story of… Read more »

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