Increase Productivity, Inclusivity, and Bottom Lines By Hiring Disabled Employees

Diverse group of employees at a meeting led by a disabled man in a wheelchair

With job openings up, recruiting and hiring qualified individuals with the “right fit” has become more challenging.  If you’re looking for solutions to your hiring needs, consider the great value disabled employees bring.  According to the August 30, 2022, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 11.2 million job openings nationwide.  This number is up… Read more »


The Value of Investing in Great Assistants

I can’t help but refer to Barb Smith, founder at Courtside Leadership and Find My Team, endearingly as Coach Smith. When she contacted me about contributing a blog discussing the value of investing in great assistants, I considered my own career trajectory from beginning as a marketing assistant to my current role. After reading and… Read more »


A Conversation with O’nika’s Angels

Volunteering to make a difference

Courtside Leadership’s conversation with the non profit organization called O’nika’s Angels about how they formed after the George Floyd’s tragedy.


Tips for Fostering Appreciation in the Workplace

When was the last time you really paused long enough to appreciate your life, team, or organization? Our lives and jobs are so busy that it’s extremely difficult to stop long enough to appreciate. And when we finally do take a break, reflection on what we appreciate is not typically a top-of-the-list priority. Yet it’s… Read more »


Remove Unconscious Bias in Recruiting and Lead the Way for Diversity

DEI Recruiting

According to Harvard Business Review, companies have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in diversity initiatives, yet roughly 85% of board members and executives are still white men. Despite our best intentions, unconscious biases make people reluctant to go against the status quo still exist.


How to Improve DEI Within an Organization – From an Athletics Perspective

Diversity in Sports

In the sports world, there are usually weeks and months of practice and iterations of lineups, offensive/defensive options, and overall strategies before the first game day. In many college sports, the athletes practice year-round and then play their seasons in a matter of a few months. Most of their time is spent diligently practicing, mastering… Read more »


Discovering Purpose for the Team, Organization, and Beyond

Team Purpose

It was my senior year in college, and I was at basketball practice. While I was playing defense in a drill, my college coach at the time, the late Nancy Darsch, was coaching me to apply more ball pressure to the player with the ball. So, I started yelling “ball, ball, ball” as I defended… Read more »


4 Best Practices That Make Your Teamwork Thrive

Teamwork is an essential component of all successful groups of people who come together to accomplish a common goal. Many successful teams in sports, business, politics, communities, and family exist. There are pitfalls, though, that disrupt great teamwork and eventually break down the effectiveness of teams.  Here are four tips for fostering and developing an… Read more »

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