Discovering Purpose for the Team, Organization, and Beyond

Team Purpose

It was my senior year in college, and I was at basketball practice. While I was playing defense in a drill, my college coach at the time, the late Nancy Darsch, was coaching me to apply more ball pressure to the player with the ball. So, I started yelling “ball, ball, ball” as I defended… Read more »


Using the Corporate Volunteer Program to Drive Purpose and Meaning


Having a greater purpose in our daily life has become a priority for many of us, yet challenging to acquire. While we spend the bulk of our days focused on work and the increasing responsibilities and deadlines, we long for a release that delivers greater meaning at the end of each day.


How to Become a More Purpose-Driven Leader

Purpose-Driven Leadership

As events have transpired over the past year and the resulting landscape has dramatically reshaped the narrative of companies, communities, and individuals, we’ve been thinking a lot about our purpose as leaders. Not why leaders are necessary, but how great leaders can define and declare why they do what they do and, in turn, inspire… Read more »

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