4 Best Practices That Make Your Teamwork Thrive

Teamwork is an essential component of all successful groups of people who come together to accomplish a common goal. Many successful teams in sports, business, politics, communities, and family exist. There are pitfalls, though, that disrupt great teamwork and eventually break down the effectiveness of teams.  Here are four tips for fostering and developing an… Read more »


Now Available on Amazon

Beyond the Talent: Profile of a Winning Team A comprehensive guide for how to build a championship team. BLOOMINGTON, Illinois, July 07, 2020 – Courtside Leadership has announced the release of Beyond the Talent: Profile of a Winning Team, now available on Amazon. Authored by Barb Smith, a thirty-year veteran of the NCAA Division I… Read more »


5 Powerful Tips to Lead from Crisis

Black Lives Matter

Leaders all over the world have the inherent responsibility to provide vision and direction, set policies, determine bottom lines, define and nurture culture, and to keep their people safe.  The recent events of COVID-19 and George Floyd’s murder now weigh heavily on leaders to continue stepping up and do something. Many have already done a fantastic… Read more »


Dynamic Leadership: A Strategy to Lift the Organization

Learn why dynamic leadership is necessary

If you had to pick a place on the leadership continuum, where one end depicted leading from the front and the other end leading from behind, where would you choose?  The extremes on the spectrum are either entirely leading from the front, or entirely leading from behind. Most leaders would designate a place on the… Read more »


Leadership Amid Crisis: A Sense of Empathy

Learn to lead with empathy

As we traveled the country doing “home visits” with our top recruits, I woke up early. I prepared to workout, shower, and head to the airport with my assistant basketball coach. We had fifteen more athletes to visit, so we were never in one city very long. I flipped on the television to catch the… Read more »


6 Essentials of Highly Successful Teams

Learn how to get the most from your team.

Every team must overcome obstacles, deal with challenges, and determine the necessary quick decisions to reach peak performance. When dealing with teams, the better equipped the people are who make up the group, the higher the chances for success.  After years of coaching college basketball, researching leadership, and interviewing leaders and organizations of all kinds,… Read more »


6 Tips for Teams While Remote Working

Remote working

Remote working began three years ago for me, so in a sense, I’m prepared for the stay at home guidelines. However, as a coach who has also worked in an office for thirty years, it took a little adjusting when I transitioned to a home office.

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