My Longtime Friend and Coworker Just Got Laid Off! Now What?

Asian man with his office packed in a box, sitting on the floor in front of his desk after being laid off

What happens when a longtime friend and coworker unexpectedly gets laid off? You are hit with a wave of emotions. What comes next? Are you on the chopping block as well? How should you handle your coworker? The situation? The organization? Whether you are weeks into a job or have been loyal to the same company… Read more »


Is Zooming in Causing Us to Zone Out?

Asian woman zoning out while staring at her computer screen in a dark room

The morning alarm goes off and you are up and running. Get the kids ready for school and get yourself ready for work. You begin to open your home office and prepare your computer for the list of Zoom meetings you have scheduled for the day. But wait, COVID is still here, and your kids are… Read more »


Stop Avoiding Social Media: How leaders can embrace this vital platform

According to the latest research by Datareportal, there are approximately 4.5 billion users on social media today. That’s more than fifty percent of the global population, with that number growing by more than 13% in the last year alone. They also report that of that number of social media users, the average time spent on… Read more »


How to Build a Meaningful Strategic Messaging Platform as a Leader

Strategic Messaging

Instilling a strategic messaging platform for communication is a common and essential practice in business. It allows organizations to frame their core values, purpose, vision, and mission to the annual goals and objectives in a carefully crafted set of messages. Then, those messages flow to advance the mission, unite the workforce, and drive action through… Read more »

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