Simple Tips for Managing Conflict on Teams

Two office employees high-fiving while working through conflict successfully

No team, whether workplace, sports, family, or community, is void of conflict. Life is full of differing ideas, values, beliefs, and emotions. And there are countless ways to handle conflict. As we mature in life and obtain more experience with conflict, we learn different ways to handle it. Hence, managing conflict on teams is one… Read more »


Paving the Way for More Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership

Women’s Equality Day commemorates the struggle for women to be heard. While the basis of this day stems from voter rights and equal representation, the power of the message envelops every corner in the life of women. Our ongoing fight to be part of meaningful conversations and the subsequent decisions is a battle that seemingly… Read more »


Remove Unconscious Bias in Recruiting and Lead the Way for Diversity

DEI Recruiting

According to Harvard Business Review, companies have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in diversity initiatives, yet roughly 85% of board members and executives are still white men. Despite our best intentions, unconscious biases make people reluctant to go against the status quo still exist.


How to Improve DEI Within an Organization – From an Athletics Perspective

Diversity in Sports

In the sports world, there are usually weeks and months of practice and iterations of lineups, offensive/defensive options, and overall strategies before the first game day. In many college sports, the athletes practice year-round and then play their seasons in a matter of a few months. Most of their time is spent diligently practicing, mastering… Read more »

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