Do you have a talented team, but just can’t get the team to achieve its expected goals? Do you have a team that should be improving, but isn’t? Do you have a player or two who are distracting the team? And, you just can’t put your finger on the solution because you are too close to the situation or don’t have the experience and knowledge on how to solve the problem?

Coach Smith will attend your practice(s), staff meeting(s) and/or game(s) to provide comprehensive feedback and a plan for you to improve your practices, staff/player achievement, and group dynamic. After years of coaching and observing teams, Coach Smith can give you the keys to create a dynamic, productive and engaging team, no matter which sport, gender or age group.

A sliding scale for fees is provided whether you coach a high school, club, youth, college or professional team. Contact for information on how to hire Coach Smith to help your team get to the championship level.

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